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Sunday, February 18, 2007

20s Charleston Compilation

Checking out this video, I’m wondering if someone who once danced the Charleston ever forgets how to kick out and shimmy about the dance floor in this ‘20s style of wild abandon. And in this age of slithering, worm-mating moves under flashing strobe lights, does dancing the Charleston constitute an adventure or is it closer to being a manic version of the latest exercise workout video?

Once, and in The Great Gatsby, this dance craze seemed to make a statement about life and society. Post your views on what that statement might have been. Or, more particularly in relation to the novel, your reading of the descriptions and significance of the Gatsby parties.

For those of you in Terre Haute and Vigo County, Charleston dancing lessons will be available for the forgetful and the adventurous at “The Big Party for the Big Read.” This party is slated for Friday, March 2. The party is free but reservations are required. This is a hot ticket so call Community Services, Vigo County Public Library (232-1113) now and get your name on the guest list.

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